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DFK International


Ser&Berker Auditing Inc. it is the Turkey office of DFK INTERNATIONAL, one of the top 10 audit institutions in the world.


With its 50 years of history, DFK INTERNATIONAL, which has its head office in London, one of the largest and well-established financial centers in the world; It is a world brand with the philosophy that it protects all its stakeholders with the same value in its network, with the awareness that local knowledge is a global value. DFK, which manages the world from three regional centers in order to increase its global operational competence; It has regional centers in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. With 380 offices in 96 countries in total, it provides the same quality service in all corners of the world for companies that aim to expand abroad or have foreign partners.


DFK, whose basic philosophy is to fully understand its stakeholders and to offer objective and effective solutions to their problems; With its experienced and expert personnel, it has made timely delivery of work as the main principle of its working method. DFK INTERNATIONAL defines its stakeholders as a living organism that provides perfect service to its customers. While doing this, DFK respects the cultural tradition and norms of the country in which it is located, and works in full harmony with DFK stakeholders who are experts in the entire tax system of the country it serves. In addition, it has been producing seamless solutions for the consultancy services needed by public and private institutions and organizations for half a century.


Basic principles adopted by DFK International global offices

• Fully understanding of customer needs and effective consultancy,

• Unique and prompt service through expert and experienced consultants,

• Maintaining professional and ethical standards,

• National and international training courses for Key Personnel,

• Creating solutions and guiding the corporate and potential management problems of network members,

• To lead the development and protection of standards, principles, strategies and policies to be implemented.

As Ser&Berker Auditing Inc. with our business culture and our expert staff on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), DFK monitors the change and development in the fields of independent auditing and international financial reporting. We provide solution-oriented reports to our national and international customers.