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About Us


In light of the reality that information increases and becomes more effective as it is shared we have made it our duty to contribute to this sharing. We set out with an accumulation and experience of nearly forty years and established SER & BERKER Bağımsız Denetim A.Ş.in Ankara,1992. It is one of the leading consultancy companies in the country, providing independent auditing, consultancy and training services to companies in Ankara (Headquarters), Istanbul (Branch) and various sectors of Turkey. As an Independent Audit Firm; We conduct and report all kinds of audits of institutions subject to POA, CMB, BRSA and EMRA in accordance with International Auditing Standards. In the development process, it has expanded its customer portfolio and has taken its place among the respected and numbered audit firms of our country in a short time.


As a requirement of the accumulation of knowledge and experience that we have gained and the awareness for our duty that we possess, our work in independent audit and financial reporting, has the purpose of developing the concerned corporate structures, increasing application quality and raising the level of public knowledge; we are presenting our services for the benefit of the public.


Our company, which has a partnership with England based ‘DFK International’, a company with over 400 centers of activity in 96 countries throughout the world, provides services of the same quality to companies that have a goal to expand abroad or have partnerships abroad. Our company strives to provide services at a superior level at all times and has a structure that is constantly renewing and developing itself on the subjects of independent audit and international financial reporting with personnel that are experts in international accounting standards.


Our Basic Approach in Professional Life
We believe that:
• Listening is the best way to create a solution.
• Sharing information is without a doubt our wealth.
• Confidentiality is a symbol of the trust between us and our customers.
• Forming a team with our customers is functionality.
• Creativity and Innovativeness are a part of our work.