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Education Services


The change culture of our age also changes the auditing and accounting approaches. As a result of the employees focusing on their core business, the difficulties in following both technical and legislative changes make it necessary to update their information. As Ser&Berker Auditing Inc. it is clear that taking the trainings we provide below will make your company's accounting and finance departments stronger.


Ser&Berker Independent Auditing A.Ş. has established its training on trainers who have received adult education pedagogy. ; It provides training through experienced experts and academics in the field. Our trainings enriched with up-to-date training tools and the professional experience of our trainers; institution and person oriented. At the end of our trainings, which are given by exemplifying the current legislative changes in this field with the corporate structure of the company, training certificates are also given to the participants. Our Education Department, which makes a difference with the originality of our course content, provides all kinds of training we need in this field.


Our Trainings

• Turkish Financial Reporting Standards (TFRS)

• Turkish Accounting Standards (TMS)
• Auditing Standards (IAS)
• International Auditing Standards
• Cheat Check
• Financial Reporting Standard for Large and Medium Enterprises
• Risk Rating, Corporate Governance Rating and BASEL II for SMEs
• Accounting Department Applied Personnel Trainings
• Basic Accounting Trainings
• Tax Trainings
• Financial Information for Managers
• Financial Management and Current Practices
• Financial Statements Analysis
• Free Zones Tax and Accounting Practices Trainings
• Labor and Social Security Law Trainings
• CMB Legislation Training
• Budget Preparation and Implementation Techniques in Businesses
• Financial Management and Current Practices (IFRS)
• Quality Standards and Practices in Audit
• Ethical Rules for Accountants and Auditors
• Company Valuation Trainings


You can contact us by sending an e-mail to ser@serberker.com or by calling +90 312 284 62 22 for more detailed information or offers about your training requests.