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Some of the consultancy services we have provided as SER&BERKER are listed below:




We provide services to determine the work flow and processes necessary for support and consultations concerning the work to transform financial statements that have been prepared according to the Tax Procedure Law into TFRS form,

to research and determine the deficiencies in accounting work flow and processes,

to guide work on determining the effects of TFRS on the company’s existing structure and operations and compliance,

to provide support in the preparation of financial tables and report in accordance with TFRS,

to provide support and consultation on the subjects of utilizing financial tools in the manner that is specified in the TFRS and value decrease,

to provide support in transforming processes that may emerge in the course of TFRS application that have complex solutions into an accounting and report format,

to provide support in forming an infrastructure in the form that is stipulated by TFRS in companies where a consolidation process will take place.




-The inspection of work flow processes and the determination of risks on a company basis,

-The determination of processes in which there is a high risk factor and the provision of improvement support and recommendations,

-The provision of support in the formation of a risk report according to the risk map that has been created for the company,

-The provision of the following elements that are necessary in the audit of a company in terms of compliance with the principles, regulations and procedures that have been determined by the company management and report that is generated as a result of this audit;

a- The establishment of an internal audit unit and audit committee

• Conducting a risk assessment

• Preparing an audit plan on a yearly basis

• Preparing internal audit procedures

b-The provision of training and consultation on the subjects of internal audit, risk management and supervision

• The provision of support in the creation of internal audit reports



-The establishment of an internal audit system

-The inspection of the internal audit system and the determination and reporting of deficiencies and risks

-Corporate transformation

-Customer relations management

-Sectoral restructuring




In addition to the recent increase in the unemployment rate in our country, companies have great difficulties in supplying quality workforce, and it is observed that they are not always successful in keeping them within the body and achieving maximum efficiency. For this reason, in addition to our wide human resources portfolio, our company provides consultancy services to institutions at all stages from recruitment to in-house training.